Roan Mountain – Part #1

“Jane Bald”

It seems that this year has been a year of adventures and exploration allowing myself to reconnect and recharge the creative juices. We just returned from spending a week scouting for a new venue and future weekend summit at Roan Mountain.

My first impression of the area was quite breathtaking with the highland views and abundance of the rhododendrons. But of course, that was standing in the parking lot. (lol) Once we stated hiking and gained a little elevation the views were spectacular beyond words and rivaled the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains.

So, let’s back up a bit and let me tell you about our adventures as the week progressed.  Upon arrival, we met up with our longtime friend Kevin Reaves. Anyone that meets Kevin will quickly realize he’s a high-energy guy (putting it mildly lol).

We arrived Sunday evening and after gobbling down a quick dinner, we voyaged up the mountain to Carver’s Gap to catch sunset. Kevin said he’d follow us in our 4Runner since all of his gear was in his Tundra truck (Toyota guys). Being our first time here and not knowing the area we relied heavily on our GPS to get us there. As I’m sure you know, GPS’s can be a bit unpredictable when they feel like it.  Our first turn up the mountain was on “Heaton Creek Road” and besides having a super awesome name it was a nice windy road through the country. Of course, that was for the first portion of our drive. As we journeyed on the road went from bad to worse to no road at all and suddenly turned into a craggy trail. I’d like to say logging path but it wasn’t even that good (lol). Here’s where I thank Toyota for making some awesome 4 wheel drives!

After reaching the top and figuring out where we were we realized there was a nicely paved road that lead us directly up and down the mountain.

What’s life without a little adventure… take the road less traveled is my motto…

Stay tuned as I continue my story in my next post…

– Nikon D810
– Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8
– Exposure 1/10 sec
– Aperture f/16
– ISO 64
– Gitzo GT3542XLS SYSTEMATIC Series 3 carbon tripod
– Singh-Ray Filters LB Color Combo Polarizer
– OP/TECH USA Custom Classic Strap
– Lexar 1066x Professional 128gb
– HoodmanUSA
– Asolo
– Manfrotto

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