Daylight Savings Time


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Here’s my rant for the week, “Daylight Savings Time”

The idea behind daylight savings time is to cut back on residential electricity use, which is according to researchers, heaviest at night. By moving the clocks forward in the spring, human activity would start and end earlier, and when people return to their still-sunny houses after work, they wouldn’t need to turn on the lights until an hour later than normal. The result? Energy savings.

However, research has found DST did reduce energy use in the evenings. But it boosted energy usage in the mornings, essentially cancelling all the savings.

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The Camera You Have With You!


Here lately had been focusing a lot of attention to creating aerial photographs along with video. It’s a very welcomed challenge and seems to be very addicting creating a not so average viewpoint.
So, while I was out capturing some aerial video footage this week the sunset was incredible and guess what, I didn’t have my camera with me. One of the things that you always hear people ask is “what is the best camera…” and the correct reply would be “the one you have with you”.
This image was captured with my iPhone and I’m pretty happy with the results.

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