Making Impact

Good morning,

I wanted to talk about making impact with your images. As photographers, we’ve all been taught the rules and suggestions on how to make a better image. I’m not going to get into all of them but I do want to touch on how I approach shooting streams. First and foremost, I strongly believe that you need to have a connection with your subject and for me when shooting water that comes easily. The next thing I do, is look for a swift area with a few protruding rocks which will help to provide depth in my image and this is also a determining factor of where I need to stand. The majority of the time the answer is going to be in the middle of the creek closest to the action. Once I’ve determined where I need to stand, I think about how I need to compose my image by arranging the elements with a balance. Creating a strong balance helps to create a nice flow and continuity in my image. I also prefer a low perspective with my camera pointing downward which helps to emphasize the movement and to create a stronger impact.

Now that I’ve got a composition that I’m happy with, I start thinking about the technical aspects of the shot. I need to, at least be at, a one second exposure. There are several ways to get here and the first being shooting with a tight aperture, say f/16 or f/22. Also, make sure your ISO is low (I use 64 most of the time). I also make sure that I use a polarizer which help to remove glare and slow my exposure time allowing me to get that nice cotton candy look. I should also mention, that my preferred shooting times are early mornings and late evenings or during a soft and overcast day.

These suggestions will certainly get you in the ball park so go out and give it a try!

– Nikon D810
– Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8
– Exposure 1 sec
– Aperture f/22
– ISO 64
– Gitzo GT3542XLS SYSTEMATIC Series 3 carbon tripod
– Singh-Ray Filters LB Color Combo Polarizer
– OP/TECH USA Custom Classic Strap
– Lexar 1066x Professional 128gb
– HoodmanUSA
– Columbia Sportswear
– NEOS River Trekker Hipper Overshoe
– Manfrotto Imagine More
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Capturing the Mood

2014-3548Good Morning,
With many people still out of power here in southeastern Pennsylvania we were fortunate that we never lost power in Atglen.
Since we were blessed with our power situation, I did have an opportunity to capitalize on the beautiful snow and ice that coated everything showing mother nature in her winter whites. Here’s one of my favorite little roads “Creek Road” that is local and easily accessible for me in all weather conditions.I know it helps to have a four-wheel-drive vehicle that allows me to get around to some of my favorite spots.

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Good morning everyone,

I want to share an image that brings inner peace and solitude to me. Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely social as most of my friends will tell you, but there’s something to be said for a little solitude now and again. I have to say, I enjoy it in moderation but truthfully couldn’t go for too long alone because I enjoy the company of others.

I think it’s the quietness of the winter forest and the allure of the running water that brings peace to me. I also enjoy the early morning mood with the cool blue colors of winter.

For me it’s a magical time alone alongside the banks of creek with a fresh blanket of snow on everything.

Best of Light,


Chester County Camera Club Presentation

2013-3289Good morning Everyone,
I had the extreme pleasure of giving a lecture on “Composition and Light” last night at the Chester County Camera Club. It was a homecoming of sorts for me because that is where I started my journey moving into the photography business.
Although there were many new faces since I last attended a meeting, there was some very familiar and trusted friends present that I truly enjoyed seeing.

Best of Light,