“Invigorated – Ramblings from the Smokies”

Well, it’s been a great couple of days here in the Smokies.  Yesterday morning we explored the Cove and believe it or not we were the only ones on Spark’s Lane (I think that’s a first for me). A little early for the leaves but with these warm temps I’m sure it won’t be long. Then after a little downtime during the mid-day light we headed out to shoot along Little River road. We visited our favorite spots along the river and enjoyed chatting about life and how very blessed we are!

I’m very thankful for my family and friends and how the business has prospered. The photography business has been an incredible creative opportunity and I’m so thankful for all the amazing friends I’ve made along the way.

Before I sign-off I wanted to share some gear talk…  If you shoot as many creeks and streams as I do you will soon realize that a good pair of waders can be your best friend. Now, some of you may be curious as to what type of waders I actually use.  I have several different ones that I use, felt bottomed Chest Waders, and two different types of hip waders. The current ones that I have here in the Smokies are the Neos Overshoe Hip Waders. They are convenient and they slip over your hiking boot which helps to not have to remove your boots everytime. I hate to say it but they do weap a little water but not enough to get your feet soaked.  I think my favorites are felt bottom boot hip waders.  They are much more sure-footed with the felt soles but you do have to remove your boot to use them . But be mindful the felt soles are outlawed in some states.  I have to add a disclaimer – if you walk in the water with your gear there’s a chance that you will fall in and get everything wet, so be careful.


– Nikon D810
– Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 @36mm
– Exposure 2 sec
– Aperture f/16
– ISO 64
– Gitzo GT3542XLS SYSTEMATIC Series 3 carbon tripod
– Singh-Ray Filters LB Color Combo Polarizer
– OP/TECH USA Custom Classic Strap
– Lexar 1066x Professional 128gb
– HoodmanUSA
– Columbia Sportswear
– Asolo S.p.A.
– Manfrotto
– Fotodiox Inc..
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