Making Impact

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I wanted to talk about making impact with your images. As photographers, we’ve all been taught the rules and suggestions on how to make a better image. I’m not going to get into all of them but I do want to touch on how I approach shooting streams. First and foremost, I strongly believe that you need to have a connection with your subject and for me when shooting water that comes easily. The next thing I do, is look for a swift area with a few protruding rocks which will help to provide depth in my image and this is also a determining factor of where I need to stand. The majority of the time the answer is going to be in the middle of the creek closest to the action. Once I’ve determined where I need to stand, I think about how I need to compose my image by arranging the elements with a balance. Creating a strong balance helps to create a nice flow and continuity in my image. I also prefer a low perspective with my camera pointing downward which helps to emphasize the movement and to create a stronger impact.

Now that I’ve got a composition that I’m happy with, I start thinking about the technical aspects of the shot. I need to, at least be at, a one second exposure. There are several ways to get here and the first being shooting with a tight aperture, say f/16 or f/22. Also, make sure your ISO is low (I use 64 most of the time). I also make sure that I use a polarizer which help to remove glare and slow my exposure time allowing me to get that nice cotton candy look. I should also mention, that my preferred shooting times are early mornings and late evenings or during a soft and overcast day.

These suggestions will certainly get you in the ball park so go out and give it a try!

– Nikon D810
– Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8
– Exposure 1 sec
– Aperture f/22
– ISO 64
– Gitzo GT3542XLS SYSTEMATIC Series 3 carbon tripod
– Singh-Ray Filters LB Color Combo Polarizer
– OP/TECH USA Custom Classic Strap
– Lexar 1066x Professional 128gb
– HoodmanUSA
– Columbia Sportswear
– NEOS River Trekker Hipper Overshoe
– Manfrotto Imagine More
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