Welcome Back Ed


Good Morning,

“Forgive me for I have sinned” just a figure of speech…  But it has been quite some time since my last blog post and to be honest there’s no sense in me being that unenergetic!  Life seems to have a way of changing your plans or preoccupying your main focus. Not to be making excuses, but we had a busy season last year and at the end of that season it was nice to take a break and focus on family. However, now that the new year has kicked off and our workshop season has already started I wanted to keep current with my ramblings and thoughts on my blog.

With one wildly successful winter workshop down, (Blackwater Falls) and our second winter workshop (Letchworth) kicking off next weekend I’m really excited about working and sharing information again.  There is no better feeling than working with people and watching for that “aha” moment when they actually understand and can relate to what you’re teaching.


  • Nikon D810
  • Nikkor Lens – 14-24mm f/2.8 @14mm
  • Gitzo GT3542xls tripod
  • FotoDiox 145mm Polarizer
  • Lexar 1066x Professional 128gb CF Card
  • Hoodman USA
  • OP/TECH USA Classic Strap
  • Nik Software
  • Exposure – 1.3 seconds
  • Aperture – f/16
  • ISO – 64
  • Manual Mode

Best of Light,



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