Advantages of Using a Polarizer




I wanted to take a minute to talk about polarizers and their usefulness. Now trust me when I tell you not all polarizers are equal (lol) and I’ll come back to this comment.

I get asked all the time if I shoot with a polarizer and the answer is, yes I do. The next questions is do I leave a polarizer on the front of my lens all the time and the answer would be absolutely not. There are certain shooting situations that dictate whether I use a polarizer or not. For example, when I’m shooting creeks and streams I always use a polarizer and any time there seems to be glare or shininess on subjects (wet leaves or fog) a polarizer will certainly help. Polarizers work best at a 90° angle to the light source or Sun in the landscape shooters case. I’ve included two images one with a polarizer and the other without showing the difference between the two images. Some may say it’s subtle and not enough to worry about but for me I think the advantages are huge.

I’ve used many polarizers over the years and my all-time favorite is the Singh-Ray LB Color Combo! It enhances the warm colors and subtracts two stops of light and for a landscape photographer this is a good thing!

(Singh Ray – “heaton10” for a 10% discount on all Singh Ray Filters)


  • Nikon D810
  • Tamron Lens –24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC @70mm
  • Gitzo GT3542xls tripod
  • Lexar CF Card
  • Nik Software
  • Aperture – f/16
  • ISO – 64
  • Manual Mode

Best of Light,


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