Capturing the Mood


Good evening,

Creating a successful image is when you can capture mood and atmosphere of a scene and convey to the viewer what you are seeing and feeling at the moment you create the image. So communicating your feelings and mood requires you, the photographer, to answer a few questions. Do I want the scene a little darker creating a mystical mood or do I want to shoot the image as the meter indicates crafting a more neutral image? Then there’s how much depth of field do I want? There are many variables that go into creating a solid and successful image and those are just a couple. When we arrived on the scene (Tremont in the Great Smoky Mountains) the first thing that caught my attention was the fog and how it was drifting along the river, so naturally I opted to shoot this image slightly on the darker or underexposed side hoping to illustrate the ambiance.


  • Nikon D800
  • Tamron lens –24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC @ 24mm
  • Gitzo GT3542xls tripod
  • Singh Ray LB Color  Combo Polarizer
  • Lexar CF Card
  • Topaz Labs
  • Exposure – 10 seconds
  • Aperture – f/16
  • ISO – 100
  • Manual Mode

Best of Light,


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