Being Prepared


Good morning,

I thought I would start the week out with a blog post about the conference I lectured at this past weekend.  The conference was in Munster, Indiana and was hosted by the Calumet Region Photo Club. I was excited about being asked to speak and a lot of the thanks goes to Gary Farber of Hunt’s Photo who recommend me! I also wanted to thank Susan Stassin, president of the club and of course a huge shout out goes to Tamron USA for being my sponsor! The conference went extremely well and was very organized. I also wanted to thank Susan and the club for their awesome hospitality!

Being prepared is one of my strong points and it paid off at this conference as well. Robert Vanelli, nice guy and the other speaker, needed a longer VGA cable for his presentation and I just happened to have one. Now let me back up for just a second, I travel with my own projector (Canon Realis SX7 Mark II), a Macbook Pro with various connector and a 75 foot UXGA video cable. This all ties into my photography and the discipline involved.

For my shoots and outings I also have the proper equipment including my camera (Nikon D800) and backup body (D3), an assortment of Tamron lenses (and I stress Tamron) and my trusty Gitzo tripod! These are just a few of the things I always have on hand. If I dig a little deeper, I would mention filters and Singh-Ray is my preferred choice (Polarizer, GND and a 2-8 stop Vari-ND). Let’s not forget to mention my Nikon Cable Release (MC30a) and my Really Right Stuff BH-55 ballhead. I also carry a “Storm Jacket” for my camera for those less than ideal weather conditions. I only use Lexar memory cards and have never had an issue 🙂

I’ll save proper clothing for another post but in the meantime stay safe and warm 🙂

Best of Light,


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