Annual Winter Rickett’s Glen Visit


Good morning,

Yesterday, my son Zach, good friend Michael Lawrence and I made a daytrip up to the frozen waterfalls of Ricketts Glen. It’s an annual winter waterfalls trip that Michael and I started a few years back and so far we’ve not missed a visit.

The day started with a 3:30am wake-up. We were dressed, loaded and made sure the coffee was good to go so we could be out the door at 4am. We departed Atglen with temps at 12.7°. When we arrived at Michael’s we transferred all of our camera equipment and winter gear from our car to his and off we went. As our journey progressed we noticed quite a bit of difference in amount of snow on the ground especially once we traveled through the Lehigh Tunnel. Our total time on the road was approximately three hours making our arrival at Ricketts right around daybreak. When we got out of the car the temperatures were reading 3° and oh, did I happen to mention the winds were around 20 mph (lol) making the wind chill around 20° below zero. (Ugh)

Our hike in to the gorge was good, cold but good. Although the creek was mostly frozen and covered with snow there were pristine areas where it found its way to the top showing its deep rich brown colors. 2015-6115

The falls were mostly frozen with only a few hints of the amazing waterfalls that was hidden behind it.zach Photo by Zach Heaton

I wanted to touch on the gear and what is needed for a winter visit into the gorge. Cold-weather clothing is a must along with ice crampons. In fact the rules for hiking into the gorge in the winter is a minimum of ice crampons, ice axe and a rope. Here’s a shot of our crampons.

cramponsPhoto by Zach Heaton

We ended up shooting until around lunchtime and by then I think we were all shot out and ready to head back. Our total hike was approximately 5 miles in and out.

Falls Photo by Zach Heaton

Zach & Michael

It was an awesome trip and I truly enjoyed getting out and spending time with two really great guys!

Best of Light,




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