Adding Depth


Another compositional tool that is available to the landscape photographer is to be able to add depth to an image. Adding depth can be as simple as including something close to the front of the camera or foreground element. Then I would look for some sort of lead in line pulling the viewer into the image and finishing things off by adding something of interest or my main subject. For this image I used the log as a foreground element and a lead in line. Notice how the log starts in the lower right of my frame and lead you towards the the waterfalls which immediately pulls you up into the image, creating a strong diagonal line.


Nikon D800
Tamron Lens SP 24-70mm f/2.8 @ 46mm
Gitzo Tripod
Aperture – f/8
Exposure – 8 seconds
Singh Ray LB Color Combo Polarizer
Cable Release

Best of Light,

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