Sometimes you’re presented with a gift as I was this morning when I walked out onto my back deck. As the fog burned off and the sun started to shine through highlighting this awesome spiderweb I knew this would be a great opportunity for me to photograph. However it presented several problems. One being that it looked good from my deck but my deck is 6 feet tall and 60 feet from the spiderweb. So if I walked off of the deck to get closer I lost my whole perspective. To compensate I pulled out a 6 foot step ladder climb to the top and sat my tripod on the roof of my shed. Sometimes its all about determination 🙂


  • Nikon D3
  • Tamron SP150-600m lens
  • My trusty Gitzo CF Tripod
  • Lexar CF 800x Memory Card
  • Aperture – f/6.3
  • Exposure – 1/180 sec
  • Focal Length – 550mm
  • ISO – 400 (needed to stop a light breeze)


Best of light,

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