Morning Paddle


2014-4374Good morning and happy Friday,

As many of you already know Zach and I attended a wooden canoe heritage assembly in the beautiful Adirondacks last weekend. Paul Smith’s college to be exact which is not far from Lake Placid. It’s nestled along the Lower St. Regis Lake which is just incredibly beautiful.

We were invited to film the event from the air with our UAV’s by Jim and Betsy Wilson. I have to admit it’s a little more inviting filming with the UAVs when you have an invitation and approval from some longtime members and the president of the Association. The general population of the Association was a little bit skeptical about these things flying around buzzing, but as the weekend progressed and after seeing our video I think we made a lot of converts.

We had a really good time filming and we even captured some great still images at sunrise on the lake. But I have to admit my favorite time was paddling on the lake with Zach. Each morning we would have our coffee while paddling through the misty Cove with the sounds of loons laughing which was so relaxing and peaceful! What a great way to start the day.

Best of light,


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