The Camera You Have With You!


Here lately had been focusing a lot of attention to creating aerial photographs along with video. It’s a very welcomed challenge and seems to be very addicting creating a not so average viewpoint.
So, while I was out capturing some aerial video footage this week the sunset was incredible and guess what, I didn’t have my camera with me. One of the things that you always hear people ask is “what is the best camera…” and the correct reply would be “the one you have with you”.
This image was captured with my iPhone and I’m pretty happy with the results.

Best of light,



Finding simple graphic compositions is much easier when there is some symmetry or repetition to utilize. Look for layers or repeating elements when creating compositions or as I like to say designing an image. Finding the simple clean compositions will make your images much stronger.

Best of Light,


Berk’s Photographic Society


2014-4319Hello everyone,
I had the extreme pleasure of being invited to the Berks Photographic Society’s 55th Annual Conference this past weekend. The conference was well organized and thought out and the staff was very supportive!

I was sponsored by Tamron and it is always a pleasure to support and promote Tamron and their products!

I enjoyed chatting and hanging out with some of the other instructors during the conference which is always nice. The people were very friendly and thirsty for knowledge and these two combinations always make for a great time.

After the conference ended I taught a workshop for some interested members at the Pennsylvania German Cultural Museum where I ended up capturing this image.

Best of Light,

“Work the Scene”


Good morning,

I wanted to share an image that I created in Cape May a few weeks ago. Kelly had us up early but with light like this who can sleep in 🙂 Having visited Cape May many times for previous workshops I knew exactly where I wanted to photograph sunrise.

As I photographed the jetty with my Nikon D800 and my Tamron SP24-70mm f/2.8 lens and of course lets not forget my trusty Gitzo tripod, I worked the scene both towards the sun and away from the sunrise creating different moods and different takes on the same subject. I loved shooting towards the sun creating a nice star burst but then again I liked how the light played on the clouds and highlighted the jetty facing the opposite direction. I always stress when on location not only do you want a bracket your exposures but bracket or vary your compositions as well. Once you get home and start to edit your images having more than one composition to choose from is paramount.

Best of Light,